Francesco Cataldo was recently singled out by Jazzwise as “a musician of great sensitivity, a prolific composer whose work is heavily influenced by life in the Mediterranean.”

In 2012 he recorded “Spaces” (AlfaMusic) at Sear Sound Studios in New York. For this New York session, Cataldo is joined by bassist Scott Colley, alto saxophonist David Binney, pianist Salvatore Bonafede, drummer Clarence Penn, cellist Erik Friedlander, who blend seamlessly into the spirit of the leader’s compositions.

Francesco Cataldo is a triple threat handling guitars, compositions and arrangements. The diversity in Cataldo’s compositions are striking and his artistic voice is one of those rare moments when an artist is playing from somewhere far deeper than their soul.

This well-conceived and richly delivered album underlines the creative forces that push the music ahead into new territory. There is a strong suggestion of the ECM aesthetic in the pacing and sound of this disc but in generally has a warmer and livelier feel that that. This set mixes calm beauty and rhythmic muscle for compelling music.

This release includes 13 tunes, some inspired by Italy’s stunning cities (Rome, Perugia, Siracusa and its old city, Ortigia), lovely melodies (Algerian Waltz, Your Silence –  a Cataldo solo, Tourist in My Town), and the title track, the longest piece and so intimate the musicians seem to be addressing the listener, as well as each other.

On April 2014 Francesco was joined on stage by pianist Kenny Werner for “Spaces” launch tour.

Francesco Cataldo’s name appears in “Italian Jazz Dictionary” (Flavio Caprera, Feltrinelli 2014).

The magazine “Musica Jazz” included Francesco Cataldo Quintet in the list of Top Jazz Groups 2014.

On August 2019 Francesco recorded the new album “Giulia” (Alfa Music) at Forward Studios (Grottaferrata) with Marc Copland , Adam Nussbaum and Pietro Leveratto. Cd came out on February 2020.